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Our Innovation

5G-CLARITY proposes an innovative set of technical enablers that will support the envisioned architecture:

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  • A high-speed LiFi technology supporting full-duplex operation, mobility, and extremely high area capacity.
  • A framework for private 5G networks that will enable the coexistence between private and public networks using licensed spectrum, and across different technologies inside the venue using unlicensed spectrum.
  • A multi-connectivity framework enabling an intelligent aggregation of the 5G/Wi-Fi/LiFi interfaces, resulting in eMBB and URLLC services, and in effective area capacities beyond 3GPP R16.
  • A positioning and synchronization framework based on the combination of 5G/Wi-Fi/LiFi providing cm-level accuracy and real time tracking capabilities.
  • An AI-driven autonomic network management system, which interacts with the network through an SDN/NFV framework that allows to retrieve network telemetry and provides a programmatic interface (API) for network configuration. The AI-driven engine offers an intent based interface to the Venue Infrastructure Operator.