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Open Source Software

MPTCP patch for kernel 5.5


This repository contains the patch for kernel 5.5 for both PC (x86_64) and Raspberry Pi 4 (ARMv8) architectures. 5G-CLARITY scheduler is not included.



This innovation offers a lightweight open-source library that can generate channel impulse responses (CIRs) for LiFi channels within a specific 3D environment. Similar libraries and/or software solutions both in the literature and commercial applications are either closed source or difficult to scale. Thus, we came up with open-source Python libraries based scalable and computationally efficient solution. In addition, the proposed innovation could generate datasets containing many realizations of CIRs of a LiFi channel by considering user that are either walking or stationary. The mobile terminal orientation is also taken into consideration. Furthermore, this innovation could generate path-loss channel models for Wi-Fi and 5G channels for a given 3D geometrical environment.

Data Semantics Fabric (DSF)


This repository contains the source code of the Data Semantics Fabric (DSF)

5G-CLARITY testbed v0


This repository is created by 5G-CLARITY partners (UGR, I2CAT, USTRATH) to test/validate the proposed multi-connectivity framework in WP3 in a virtual environment.

OVSDB Pthon client


OVSDB API used to manage slice connectivity provisioning in WP4.