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An expert panel will be organised and presented by 5G-CLARITY on ‘Private Networks: Challenges, Technical Innovations, and Beyond 5G Roadmap’ in the 5G Week event on June 4th, at 1000 BST. Here is the program and the list of experts:

Content Outline:
– MNOs and Private 5G Networks – A Perfect Catalyst for Industry Digitisation
– High Precision Indoor Localisation for Beyond 5G
– Private Networks in Beyond 5G Roadmap
– 5G-CLARITY Innovations Beyond 3GPP Release-16


  • Jose Ordonez-Lucena, Technology Analyst and Standards Specialit, Telefónica, Spain
  • Jesus Gutierrez Teran, Project Manager, IHP, Germany
  • Alain Mourad, Director Engineering, R&D, InterDigital, UK
  • Daniel Camps Mur, Mobile and Wireless Internet Group Lead, i2CAT Foundation, Spain


  • Mir Ghoraishi, Wireless Technology Consultant, Gigasys Solutions (Project Manager, 5G-CLARITY)