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Visit 5G-CLARITY booth (Booth No 15) in EuCNC and 6G Summit 2022 for the demonstrations on:

  1. 5G-CLARITY Multi-connectivity Framework: demonstrates the 5G-CLARITY multi-WAT aggregation between 3GPP and non-3GPP access technologies protocols. The demo considers 5GNR, WiFi-6, and LIFI technologies integration into a 5G-CLARITY CPE designed to be placed in mobile devices requiring high bandwidth and resiliency while navigating through public and private networks.
  2. 5G-CLARITY Multi-technology Positioning: demonstrate a positioning system that can retrieve real time information about the position of the user devices from multiple WATs. The data gathered from various WATs is going to be processes by fusion algorithms to improve positioning accuracy.
  3. ETSI ZSM Proof-of-Concept: demonstrates the ability to provision a tailored 5G private network for an industry 4.0 service, upon request (on demand), with no human intervention (zero-touch). This private 5G network will be deployed as a PNI-NPN, and will enable autonomous AGV navigation in a factory for intralogistics. In particular, the PoC will showcase automation capabilities when provisioning this PNI-NPN and service atop.
  4. Intent-Based NLoS Prediction: demonstrate the integration of an AI-based NLoS identification algorithm inside an AI engine and an intent engine that interacts with other entities in the network to deliver the output of the requested intents. This demonstration is subject to internal approval from the contributing project partner(s).

More information in EuCNC Exhibition page