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Our colleagues from University of Strathclyde, Dr. Hamada Alshaer and Prof.  Harald Haas, for their ‘ICC Best Paper Award’ on their research related to 5G-CLARITY: ‘Dynamic LiFi Attocellular Networks Slicing for 5G Services’.

In this work, a multipolicy resource scheduler is developed to support dynamic LiFi network slicing based on network resource and service utility optimization. The scheduler runs on a utility-based heuristic scheduling algorithm, which can simultaneously support multiple mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) to offer delay and throughput sensitive services on different LiFi network slices. This enables MVNOs to deploy their network slice quota customization policies that support different traffic profiles and specific-slice service management policies. The obtained results demonstrate that the weights of utility functions can be adjusted automatically according to the LiFi AP channel conditions and the SLA constraints of MVNOs.